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Killary Peru| Killary Peru|Killary Peru| Killary Peru| Killary Peru

Killary Peru Tour - RUC No 20542634571

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Machu Picchu Full Day Tour  peru Southern Route Peru Exploration Killary Peru Tour Travel

From $ US $ 279.00 p/person | See the most important attraction in Peru: Machu picchu, the lost city of the Incas . Inclusions: Train Ticket (Round Trip), Entrance fee to Machu Picchu, English speaking tour guide, Round Trip Bus . Transfer In Out, This is the most popular tour with the best deal for years of 2015 & 2016! Read More>>


Sacred Valley Tour + Lunch 1 Day Peru Machu Picchu Tours Killary Peru Tour Travel

Early Bird Saving " We will visit the following places: Pisaq, typical Andean village; Buffet lunch ; Ollantaytambo Archaeological Group, agricultural complex administrative, social, religious and military time Tahuantinsuyo, comprising temples, platforms and connected by a complete system of irrigation canals. Finally we will visit the Chinchero arqueological site. " Read More>>



Inca Trail 4 DaInca trail  Killary Peru Tour Travelys

Early Bird Saving " The Inca Trail, the hard, scenic and the best way to reach Machupicchu" . This program is recommended for unfit people who want to do the Inca Trail in a slow way. The charming of nature must surprise you in every aspects when you place yourself in it. " Read More>>


Nazca Lines overflight Nazca Lines  Killary Peru Tour Travel

Early Bird Saving | "We will pick you up from your hotel and transfer to the aerodrome , we will have an overflight to see the major concentration of figures over the San Jose Nazca flats, we will be able to appreciate figures as the mokey, humming bird, tree, Ballena, hands, spider, lagarto, and others." Read More>>


Colca Canyon 2d/1n  Colca Canyon Peru Exploration Killary Peru Tour Travel

Early Bird Saving | See the most important attraction in Arequipa: The Colca Canyon, a stunning natural wonder that’s twice as deep as the USA’s Grand Canyon. Inclusions: Transportation (Round Trip), Entrance fee to the Colca Canyon, English speaking tour guide, 01 overnight in the Colca Valley. Transfer In Out. Read More>>


Uros Taquile and the Titicaca 1 Day  peru Southern Route Peru Exploration Killary Peru Tour Travel

Early Bird Saving You will have time to share with the people the Uros "Peru Titicaca Lake", and then we will continue on to the Island of Taquile. On this picturesque island the people maintain their old customs, dressing in traditional clothing and doing things the old way. You will witness the millenary techniques of hand- weaving beautiful textiles. Read More>>


  • Inca Trail Killary Peru
  • Choquequirao
  • Temple of the Condor
  • Maras
  • Inca Trail
  • Whitewater rafting
  • Pachacamac
  • Huacachina Dune Buggies
  • Colca Canyon
  • Tipon
  • Lake Titicaca
  • Tipon
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Killary Peru Tour - Travel Agency

Tourism work association founded in 2009 by Tourism Professionals. With over 6 years of experience we are able to provide the best service and attention to detail.

We offer many options of holiday plans leading you to discover the special peruvian beauty and the inca empire civilization.

We are a legally established by the laws of Peru. Read More>>

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Special Interest Tours


Out door adventures
Experienced mountaineers, ice climbers, trekkers, and regular old athletic types and hikers beeline to Peru to experience the grandeur of the great Cordillera Blanca, the volcanoes and canyons around Arequipa, and, of course, the Andes mountains in and around Cusco.

Killary Peru Tour

Ecotourism in Peru
Peru is a diverse as it vast. You will get the most beautiful experience in every part, it will be impossible to forget it. Peru has an enormous geographical , biological and cultural diversity that make it an unique attractive country in the World! The territory of Peru shelters 84 of the 117 life zones existing on earth and owns 28 of the 32 different types of weather.

Mysticism and Spritual tours
A spiritual retreat in Peru provides the opportunity to connect at a deeper level to the indigenous culture and authentic spirituality of the Quechua people. A pilgrimage is a journey to a sacred place. We have many optionals physical journeys towards sacred Temples.

turismo rural comunitario lago titicaca Puno

Rural based tours in Peru
In Peru you will be able to share and enjoy the cultural richness of the rural communities in the peruvian andes, helping improve the life conditions of rural people sharing a lot of experiences, lifestyle, customs, farming technology, rites, music and dances, etc. it will be an unforgettable experience!!

Killary Peru Tour

Tourism work association founded in 2009 by Tourism Professionals. With over 6 years of experience we are able to provide the best service and attention to detail. Meeting your every specific travel needs and organizing you a memorable Peru vacation is our goal. More about us



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Killary Peru| Killary Peru|Killary Peru| Killary Peru| Killary Peru

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