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Single Tours and Excursions - Shared Service Small group size of 6 to 18 persons provides a perfect combination of attention to detail coupled with flexibility. Join these small groups and save on your Peru tour!

Customized ToursKillary Peru Tour offers exclusively tailored tours to the particular interests of you and your group. Contact us and Build your own Peru tour to meet your unique interests.

Planning a Long-Term Travel Itinerary to See It All We have long itineraries including the andean south, Long routes onn the north Panamericana highway,The roads and rivers of the Amazon jungle. All the itineraries are flexible and customizables.


Special Interest tours

Our professional consultants design a variety of travel plans of different themes for special travelers with unique interests and give the best deal. Meeting your every specific travel needs and organizing you a memorable Peru vacation is our goal.

Outdoor adventures

Experienced mountaineers, ice climbers, trekkers, and regular old athletic types and hikers beeline to Peru to experience the grandeur of the great Cordillera Blanca, the volcanoes and canyons around Arequipa, and, of course, the Andes mountains in and around Cusco.


Ecotourism in Peru

Peru is a diverse as it vast. You will get the most beautiful experience in every part, it will be impossible to forget it. Peru has an enormous geographical , biological and cultural diversity that make it an unique attractive country in the World! The territory of Peru shelters 84 of the 117 life zones existing on earth and owns 28 of the 32 different types of weather.


Mysticism and Spiritual tours

A spiritual retreat in Peru provides the opportunity to connect at a deeper level to the indigenous culture and authentic spirituality of the Quechua people. A pilgrimage is a journey to a sacred place. We have many optionals physical journeys towards sacred Temples.


Rural based tours in Peru

In Peru you will be able to share and enjoy the cultural richness of the rural communities in the peruvian andes, helping improve the life conditions of rural people sharing a lot of experiences, lifestyle, customs, farming technology, rites, music and dances, etc. it will be an unforgettable experience!!

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