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About Us

Killary Peru Tour EIRL.- Tourism work association founded in 2009 by Tourism Professionals. We have been worked for many years in the best destinies in Peru.

Our mission is provide the best services for our passengers throught only suitanable tourism activities.



Our Services

  • Invaluable Peru travel information on destinations, attractions, transportation methods, weather, maps, FAQs to help you achieve an unforgettable experience!
  • National and internationationa flight tickets

    City Tours, excursions, and special packages

    Private and Group Service

    Hotel reservations

    Attention 24 Hours, 365 Days

    Qualified, experienced and certifief official Tour guides

    Trekking and mountaineering tours

    Knowledgeable, hardworking, honest and friendly Staff

    High quality Services, and good prices

    Our gear is top quality and constantly updated in order to provide a pleasant experience on your trip.


Our Tour Guides

All are university and superior institute graduated native peruvians with diverse backgrounds and interests. They' re definitely the pride and soul of our organization.

Because the tour guide is the single most important element in determining the sucess of one or our tours in Peru , our tour guides are chosen very carefully.

We consider not only the extent of their local knowledge, but more importantly their communication skills, organisational abilities, affability, conscientiousness, enthusiasm, and their ability to entertain a group.

We use only native tour guides , because, apart from having a deep knowledge about Peru , they help make the tours a rich cultural experience.


Regarding travel requests and further information, please feel free to contact Us

Office 1: Choquechaca 392. Cusco - Peru, Office 2: Nicolas Sanca 220 Puno - Peru

Office Hour: 7:30 - 19:30 GMT + 9 (closed on Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays)

Telphone: + 51 (051) 356059
Celphone 1: + 51 951042361
Celphone 2: + 84 984173339
E-mail: info@killaryperutour.com
Quick : killary.peru@gmail.com


Killary Peru Tour

Customizing a tour at your own pace, with your personal interests, within your budget is where our expertise lies.

Killary Peru offers exclusively tailored tours to the particular interests of you and your group. Meeting your every specific travel needs and organizing you a memorable Peru vacation is our goal.


Contact Us

Contact us and Build your own Peru tour to meet your unique interests.

Telphone: + 51 (051) 356059
Celphone 1: + 51 951042361
Celphone 2: + 84 984173339
E-mail: info@killaryperutour.com
Quick : killary.peru@gmail.com


Our experienced travel consultants are ready to help you via phone call or email.


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